William Hurt Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

William Hurt Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

William Hurt is an American actor, who has net worth of $18 000 000 according to Celebritynetworth.com. William Hurt has numerous roles in films. Real success overtook a man in the 1980s, because it was then that tapes began to appear in his filmography, where he performed various characters, masterfully embodying psychologically complex images. The work done by him more than once was marked by prestigious awards and prizes.

Net Worth $18 000 000
Born March 20, 1950 Washington, D.C.U.S.
Occupation Actor

Childhood and youth

William was born in the spring of 1950 in Washington, USA. His father Alfred was a diplomat in the State Department, Claire’s mother worked at Time, and therefore the Hurt family did not need anything. After the parents divorced, his stepfather was the owner of the publishers Time and Life.

Hurt studied at the Middlesex school, where he began to comprehend the basics of acting, studied drama. Teachers saw his talent and desire, and therefore the boy got the leading roles in school productions. After school, he entered Tufts University, where he studied theology, but quickly realized that he did not like this science, and transferred to the drama department at Juilliard School. Received a diploma of higher education in 1976.

Personal life

Novels with women are full of actor’s life no less than roles in films. His first wife was the little-known actress Mary Beth Hurt, whom he divorced after 11 years. Then the whole secular society discussed his relationship with Marlee Matlin, at first they met for a year, and then 2 more lived together.
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In total, William has four children from different women. French actress Sandrine Bonnaire gave him a daughter, Heidi Henderson gave birth to two sons, and the youngest son was born in a relationship with his common-law wife Sandra Jennings.

The hive is not registered on Instagram, but it does have fan pages on Facebook and Twitter.


The first roles in Hurt’s biography appeared not in television tapes, but in stage productions. He received the Obie Award for his debut performance in the performance of Corin Jacker My Life, and the Theater World award for his work on July Fifth, Lulu and Ulysses in Traction. Later, at the Shakespeare festival in Ashton, he played Hamlet and after that managed to get a permanent job at the New York Theater.

In 1980, William made his film debut, and immediately in the title role. In Ken Russell’s science fiction film “Other Hypostases”, the man played an obsessed scientist, for which he received wide acclaim from critics and viewers. And after the appearance in the film “Heat of the Body” in 1981, he was completely nicknamed the main sex symbol. Posters from the artist’s photo adorned the rooms of many young fans. Then with a height of 188 cm (weight unknown), he looked athletic and fit.

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Hurt himself in his youth was more attracted by ambiguous characters, for example, when he tried on himself the image of a prisoner gay in the drama Kiss of a Spider Woman. In his hero, William conveyed the director’s idea 100 percent, for which he won the best actor award at the Cannes Film Festival and also won various BAFTA and Academy Award nominations.
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The greatest rise in Hurt’s career came in the 1980s. For the films “Television News” and “Children of the Lesser God,” he was again nominated for an Oscar. Hurt’s work in the film “When the End of the World Comes” was also positively evaluated. By the beginning of 1990, the actor began to appear less often on television, probably this was due to his personal life. The second debut of William is called the 2000s, it was then that he received an offer from Stephen Spielberg to play a key character in the film “Artificial Intelligence”. And a couple of years later he appeared in the drama thriller Robert de Niro’s “False Temptation”.

Hurt received another Oscar nomination in 2005, after playing the lead role in the crime drama Justified Cruelty. The most amazing thing was that in this tape, William stayed in the episode no longer than 10 minutes. In 2016, he starred in the film “Willpower”, and after 2 years appeared in the image of Bob in the television series “Condor”.

William now periodically appears on the screens. In 2019, he starred in the movie Avengers: Final in the guise of US Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross. Prior to that, he already played a similar role in the film Avengers: Infinity War of 2018.

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And in 2020, Hurt appeared on the screens in the same role in the feature film Black Widow. In the American box office he appeared in the spring.

What Is William Hurt Net Worth

William Hurt is an American actor, who has net worth of $18 000 000 according to celebrity net worth.

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