Patricia Allison Net Worth 2022- Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Patricia Allison Net Worth 2022- Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Patricia Allison is an English actress, who became famous after the release of the television series “Sex Education”, where she played an interesting role, her net worth is estimated at $4 000 000.

Net Worth $4 000 000
Born 21 July 1996 Wolverhampton, England
Occupation Actress

Childhood and youth

Patricia Allison

Patricia was born on December 7, 1994. Her childhood and young years passed in London, where the girl attended school and first joined the dramatic art at the age of 10. Even then, on the stage of the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden directed by Oliver Twist, Allison felt that acting was her calling. The girl compares this experience with an insight, which prompted her to continue playing the game on stage.

It is not surprising that, after graduating from school, Patricia chose an acting profession as a future profession. To do this, she moved to Colchester, where she studied at the department of musical theater for 2 years at a local university.

Studying brought pleasure to the Englishwoman, and communication with like-minded peers made me feel like part of a big deal. Then the girl moved to Logton, where for 4 years at the British drama school East 15 Acting School received a degree in performing arts.

Allison began her acting biography on the stage, participating in such performances as Henry V, Tenderloin, Our City, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In addition, Patricia worked in television shows and radio shows.

Personal life

The personal life of the heroine Patricia in the series “Sex Education” is in full swing. How things are with the actress in this area in reality is not exactly known. Despite the fact that she regularly updates her Instagram with fresh photos and news, this does not shed light on Allison’s family status. The actress does not make any statements about this, which gives reason to think that the petite girl (weighs 47 kg with a height of 157 cm) is still not married.

Patricia Allison with friend

However, fans believe that the artist’s heart is busy, as she often appears in the company of actor Philip Walsh. On Instagram, the guy Patricia appears in every second photo, including a picture from a vacation in Zanzibar, where the girl dives into the sea in a snow-white swimsuit.


The filmography of Patricia opened in 2019 with the role of Margaret in the film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Miserables”. Here the debutante appeared in only one episode, and in the same year she appeared in the drama series “Moving Forward”, where she played Charlie.

Patricia Allison

The girl gained real fame after filming in the teenage series “Sex Education,” which premiered in January 2019 on the Netflix streaming platform. The project is dedicated to the difficult period of growing up, which everyone goes through regardless of nationality, gender and orientation. The series speaks frankly and with humor about fears, difficulties and insecurity in the process of self-knowledge, friendship, acceptance of oneself and each other.

The characters and themes of “Sex Education” are interesting to both adolescents and their parents, as in certain situations they begin to find themselves in the characters. The cast of the project included the star of The X-Files Gillian Anderson, as well as dozens of young actors whose names became known only after the premiere of the series. The heroine Allison Ola Nyman occupies one of the key positions here. Her special relationship with the main character Otis begins in season 1 and becomes one of the most interesting storylines of the project.

Patricia is delighted with her work in “Sex Education”, because the series allows you to freely speak on topics about which it is customary to remain silent. It combines the sincerity, charm and unobtrusive instructiveness that the viewer needs. Inconvenient, but important issues are addressed with warmth, honesty and sensitivity, which become a sure key to the hearts of adolescents.

The actress regrets that “Sexual education” did not appear on the screen during her teenage years, because then many of the difficulties associated with sexual maturation could be easier experienced. Patricia believes that the series can become a bridge between children and parents, which will allow them to talk about important things that were previously uncomfortable to discuss in the family circle.

The girl notes that her heroine Ola has directness, independence and confidence, which most 16-year-olds can not boast. It was easy for the actress to play the actress, since they are similar: Allison also prefers to express her opinion in a straightforward manner and rely on herself in everything.

Patricia Allison

In January 2020, the second season of the series “Sex Education” was released, which turned out to be almost better than the first. Themes and characters have evolved, becoming even more voluminous and vibrant. Among them is the heroine Patricia, whose relationship with Otis is in crisis. And if in the 1st season Ola was not at first, and she appeared only from the 4th episode, now her role is becoming a key.

What Is Patricia Allison’s Net Worth

She might have accumulated a decent sum of money from her professional career and we estimated her net worth  $4 000 000.

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