Kevin Spacey’s Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Kevin Spacey’s Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Kevin Spacey – American film and theater actor, known for his films “American Beauty,” “suspicious faces” as well as the TV series “House of Cards” has a net worth of over 100 million dollars.

Net Worth 100 000 000 $
Born July 26, 1959
South Orange, New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation Actor, producer

How rich is Kevin Spacey?

As a two-time Oscar winner, Kevin Spacey is one of the most famous men in Hollywood. But the star has not only dedicated himself to his art in front of the camera. From 2003 to 2015, for example, the US American appeared as artistic director at a British theater, the Old Vic Theatre in London. This man has also already earned his fortune as a film director. His work in “House of Cards” is unforgettable. However, the actor’s vest is not only white after the accusations against him for sexual harassment. The estimated fortune of Kevin Spacey is 100 million dollars.

Accusations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey

At the same time, the past of the actor is by all means not only spotless. When it came to a sexism debate in the US due to the offense of Harvey Weinstein, Spacey also faced accusations of sexual harassment in October 2017. The fact that the actor has long since come out as gay has made further headlines. However, all this cannot distract from his undisputed talent, for which Kevin has now even received a star on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

However, after the accusations, production companies ended their cooperation with Kevin Spacey, including Netflix with regard to “House of Cards”. In the already shot film “All the Money in the World” Ridley Scott cut out all the scenes with Kevin Spacey and reshot the sequences with Christopher Plummer. There were also many investigations around the allegations, however, due to the statute of limitations, the case did not go to trial. At the end of 2018, he spoke out with his video “Let me be Frank”.

Exciting facts from his life

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

Spacey started his own production company back in 1997. His business partner, Dana Brunetti, is now CEO of Trigger Street Productions. Should Kevin not want to appear in various Hollywood films at some point, he will probably still make a very good living financially. For example, the flick “Billionaire Boys Club” alone grossed a good 600 million US dollars in just one weekend in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately, this film was not shown in cinemas in Germany.

Spacey is known not only for his acting talent, but also for his sense of humor. In the U.S., he has twice been the host of “Saturday Night Live,” where his parodies have caused a lot of laughs. That this man can also sing, he proved among other things at a concert, which was organized in honor of John Lennon. At that time he performed his version of the song “Mind Games”. Thanks to London South Bank University, the millionaire can even boast an honorary doctorate.

Successful career

That the academic world also appreciates Kevin Spacey’s talents is shown by his guest professorship at St. Catherine’s College of the elite University of Oxford. Previously, Patrick Stewart had occupied this post. In the meantime, the Hollywood star can even call himself a knight. The actor was admitted to the British Order of Merit “Commander of the Order of the British Empire” (CBE) in 2010. His services at the Old Vic Theatre have even made Kevin Spacey a “Knight Commander of the British Empire. Even though he is entitled to the title “Sir,” Spacey is not allowed to use this suffix in view of his U.S. citizenship.

In 2008, Kevin Spacey also committed himself to a good cause by setting up his own foundation. He wants to support young talents in the fields of production and acting, as well as up-and-coming directors and screenwriters. His motto is quite simply to pass on his knowledge to future generations. In 2016 and 2017, the millionaire therefore even used the platform to be able to reach as many people as possible with his online acting lessons.

He cost Netflix $39 million

Netflix, which streams House of Cards received a loss after Spacey’s mishandling of sexual assault allegations. The streaming giant already spent $39 million on content that included Spacey, with the ending for House of Cards and money spent on the Gore Vidal project (although it is unclear as to what this entails).


Will Kevin Spacey return to acting?

Kevin Spacey, who has faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in the past four years, will return to film acting with a small role as a detective in an Italian crime drama.

How old is Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey Fowler is a 61-year-old actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He was born on July 26th in 1959 to American parents who were teachers with ties to the theatre world.

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