Emma Mackey Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Emma Mackey Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Emma Mackey is a British-French actress, her net worth is under review. Emma became famous after the release of the television series “Sex Education”, where she played an interesting role.

Net Worthunder review
Born January 4, 1996, Le Mans, France

Childhood and youth

Young Emma Mackey photo:instagram.com/emmatmackey/

Emma Margaret Techard-Mackay was born January 4, 1996 in the French small town of Le Mans(1). Her mother, Rachel, is British by nationality, a well-known public figure and philanthropist by profession, and her father, Philip, is a Frenchman and principal of the school. The girl grew up in the picturesque western department of Sable-sur-Sarte and received there a bachelor’s degree in literature at Nantes College in 2013.

Immediately after completing secondary education, Emma moved to her mother’s hometown in the UK, where she entered the theater department of Leeds University. In parallel with the educational activities, the girl took an active part in the productions of the student theater troupe. She not only played in the plays, but also directed them. It was at this moment that Mackay decided to engage in acting professionally.

Before deciding on the first auditions in the movie, for some time the girl successfully worked as a model for one of the best British clothing brands (despite her low height of 157 cm and weight of 55 kg) due to her attractive appearance and slim figure.


The creative biography of the aspiring actress started in 2016, after she successfully passed the casting and got her debut small role in the horror film directed by Shay Collins Badger Lane. The plot tells the story of a team of inexperienced journalists who encounter a series of mystical phenomena while shooting a film in an abandoned brick factory.

Emma Mackey photo:instagram.com/emmatmackey/

he colleagues of the heroine Emma were performed by little-known British artists Sam Andrews, Nicholas Eganjobi and Philippe Lua Anamoa. The picture was shot in the popular cinematic genre of pseudo-documentary, which involves shooting “with hands” or with hidden cameras, so that the audience creates an effect of reality of what is happening on the screen.

The horror tape received the Best Cinematography Award at the 2016 National Student Television Association Awards. Also, Badger Lane was positively received by flattering reviews of film critics and noted with a high rating for creativity.

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The next appearance of Emma Mackay on the big screen happened 2 years later – she starred in the dramatic film Summit Fever together with actor Freddy Thorpe. The film told the story of two climbers who decided to conquer the 3 most dangerous alpine mountains – the Matterhorn, Eiger and Mont Blanc, to set a new world record. The daredevil drama found its audience in Britain, but remained little known to other countries.

Emma Mackey photo:instagram.com/emmatmackey/

2018 was a turning point in the creative life of the girl – she signed a contract with the American company Netflix, which produces popular films and series. One of these was the comedy-drama series Sex Education(2), which tells the story of two school friends who have some communication problems. They come up with the idea of ​​creating a secret association, the purpose of which is to help peers solve their strange and awkward problems.

Emma Mackay reincarnated as the main character named Maeve Wiley – the “bad girl”, who is a social outcast at school. Her best friend was played by British young actor Ace Butterfield, known for his roles in the films The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Miss Peregrine’s House of Weird Children. And the mother of the protagonist and sex therapist was performed by the legendary American actress Gillian Anderson, who became famous throughout the world for her role as Scully in the mystical series The X-Files.

The comedy-drama project “Sex Education”, created by Lori Nunn, was first broadcast on January 11, 2019 on the Netflix service and immediately gained popularity among the audience. In the interview for Independent she said(3):

“Stuff has happened to me,” she says. “You know, it’s when people are taking advantage of small spaces… I rarely go out to clubs but every time I’ve been to a gig there’s always been something, or it’s happened around me. It’s unfortunately a really common thing, so to me, this was one of the most moving and important storylines.”

Obviously, after the success of the series “Sex Education”, Mackay’s acting career will go uphill, and her filmography will be expanded with new projects. So, a new thriller of the Irish production The Winter Lake is being prepared for release, in which Emma will play the main role. Her colleagues in the shooting will be actors Charlie Murphy, Michael McElhatton and Mark McKenna.

Personal life

Mackay has no husband and children yet. In her personal life, she is happy with Daniel Whittle. Her boyfriend is not a public person and, judging by the photo on Instagram, he moonlights as a model. In the same social network, Emma often posts publications on which she is depicted without makeup and at home.

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The girl is committed to a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism – she is actively involved in sports, does not smoke or drink alcohol. Also, the actress does not wear fur for ethical reasons.

What Is Emma Mackey’s Net Worth

Emma Mackey is a British-French actress, her net worth is under review. She might have accumulated a decent sum of money from her professional career but her salary, income, etc. are under review.


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