Wayne Rooney Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards, Facts

Wayne Rooney Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards, Facts

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

Wayne Rooney is an English professional football player, who has a net worth of $130 million. Rooney gave the main part of his career to Manchester United (13 years old, approx.). During this time, he managed to hold 559 matches, in which he scored 253 goals scored.

Net Worth 130 000 000$
Born 24 October 1985 Croxteth, England
Playing position Forward
Occupation Football player


Wayne Rooney was born in Liverpool on October 24, 1985. Father Thomas was a handyman at the local port, mother Janet Mary was a housewife. The family has Irish roots. Wayne is the eldest of three brothers in the family. Together they studied at Catholic College of Delasalus in Croxteth. Football was a family hobby, all relatives supported the Everton team in Liverpool, where Wayne’s idol, Duncan Ferguson, played.


From an early age, Wayne drove football in the yard with his brothers. For the first time at 7 years old he played a match for the team of the Western Pub, in which he scored a decisive winning goal. Already at school, he signs the first contract with the Everton youth team, where at the age of 15 he performs with 19-year-old athletes. Coaches of youth teams highlighted his talent and innate technique.

Wayne Rooney, Sean Doherty (centre) and Scott Brown (right) during their days at Everton’s academy when they were chosen to play England schoolboys in 2000. Photo by Colin Lane (1)

Professional football biography of the future star began at age 16. In 2002, he got to the Premier League match, where the Everton team entered the field against Southampton. He played his first official game on the bench. After a couple of months, Wayne was again declared for the game, this time the coaches released the player on the field against Tottenham. After a successful game, Rooney is included in the main team. In a matter of days, he becomes the leading player, and then the main star of the club.

He scored a lot, besides he was noticeable on the field because of the strong build. The height and weight of the athlete is 176 cm and 83 kg. However, this did not prevent Rooney from quickly getting into the national team – in 2004, he already went in the main squad as a forward to the World Cup in Portugal.

It was at this time that rumors spread that the talented footballer was cramped at Everton. The team immediately announced that it would sell the player for at least £ 50 million. Rooney, however, the management proposed an increase in wages up to 50 thousand pounds per week and the extension of the contract. Wayne refused. (4)

At the beginning of his career, Rooney was known for violent disposition and aggression, often argued with players and referees, cursed on the field. For this behavior, he repeatedly received warnings, several times he was removed. Over time, youthful fervor died away, and the footballer became calmer and more restrained.

photo: twitter.com/UnitedNMB

On August 31, 2004, Rooney joined the Manchester United team, with a total transaction value of £ 27 million. There he performed at number “8”. Since 2007, after the departure of striker Rud van Nistelrooy, Wayne changed his shirt to number “10”. He spent 10 seasons in the team: 5 times Rooney became the champion of England, 1 time won the Super Bowl of England and three times became the owner of the Football League Cup.

Since 2014, he was the captain of the national team. On September 8, 2015, Wayne scored the 50th goal for England in the match against Switzerland and became the top scorer in the history of the team. The previous record of 49 goals belonged to Bobby Charlton and lasted 45 years.

Rooney has incredible performance, quickly analyzes the field, masterfully gives away long passes. He knows how to attack from the depths, despite the fact that his main role is the striker. A successful football career brought the star many awards. Professional merit and a high level of the game allow him to remain among the highly paid players.

In 2017, the footballer signed a 2-year contract with the Everton club.

In 2019, Rooney spent the season for D.C. United, and in the season 2019/2020 started playing for the Derby County club

Personal life

photo: instagram.com/waynerooney/

From school, the football player met with a girl named Colin McLaughlin – they met when they were 12 years old. In 2008, Wayne and Colin officially became husband and wife. The family has 4 children, all are boys: born in 2009, 2013, 2016 and 2018.

What Is Wayne Rooney ‘s Net Worth

In 2002, Rooney signed a professional contract with the Everton club in the amount of £2,704,000. After that in 2006, he signed a new contract with Manchester United in the amount of £14,040,000.

In 2013, he signed a record contract with Manchester United in the amount of £93,600,000. The sportsman’s salary amounted to £15,600,000 per year according to Spotrac(2).

In 2018, Forbes is included in the list of the highest paid athletes. (3) According to this article, Rooney’s revenues amounted to 27 million( SALARY/WINNINGS $22 M , ENDORSEMENTS $5 M

Rooney’s net worth is estimated at around the £100 million ($130m) mark based on his career earnings so far.


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