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Guitarist Keith Richards is the heart and soul of the Rolling Stones, who have been called “The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World. Richards has an impressive net worth of 350 mln dollars.

Net Worth 350 000 000 $
Born 18 December 1943
Dartford, Kent, England
Occupation Singer, song writer,record producer

How much money does Keith Richards have?

Keith Richards can already look back on a fulfilled life. After all, the father and grandfather of five is one of the founding members of one of the most famous bands of all time. With the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has earned his insane fortune. In the meantime, the Englishman lives on an opulent estate in the USA. His country estate in England as well as an estate in the Caribbean also testify to the fact that this musician has made it to the very top. After all, it’s not for nothing that his autobiography runs to more than 700 pages. The estimated fortune of Keith Richards is 350 mln dollars.

This book about his life has also made him rich. At the Frankfurt Book Fair, the rights to the autobiography were auctioned in 2007. There was competitive bidding, which ended with an advance of no less than 6.5 mln dollars for the musician. That’s a lot of books that had to be sold first. The children’s book “Gus and I,” on the other hand, is more a project close to the musician’s heart. With it, Keith Richards has created a kind of monument to his grandfather. In addition, the musician was able to work with his daughter Theodora on this project. She created numerous illustrations for the children’s book.

One of the greatest musicians of all time

Keith Richards

Keith Richards image

Together with Mick Jagger, the frontman of the Stones, Keith Richards has already made it to the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1993. Rolling Stone magazine has also honored the musician, placing him fourth among the best 100 guitarists. In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Keith Richards, who in the meantime only called himself Keith Richard, can of course also be found together with his band colleagues. Excesses, drugs and diseases have determined his life despite these many successes but still very long.

The dark sides of Keith Richard’s life

For the first time, Keith Richards made huge negative headlines in February 1967. His British country residence was searched and on the orders of a judge there was a seizure of various suspicious substances. In fact, there was a facility for the possession of stimulants for which Keith Richards did not have a prescription. In addition, Mick Jagger had been in possession of marijuana, while Richards had tolerated the use of cannabis on his property. This eventually earned Keith Richards a one-year prison sentence and a rather measly fine of just 500 British pounds.
After all, Keith and Mick had to spend one night behind bars. Then they were quickly released on bail in the amount of 14,000 British pounds. The verdict against Keith Richards was even overturned by the competent court of appeal in July of the same year. However, this was not to change the fact that Keith Richards’ life subsequently took an even more unfavorable turn. After all, he himself had become addicted to heroin in the 1970s. In Canada, his possession of drugs even resulted in a one-year suspended prison sentence.

After finally being able to free himself from the clutches of heroin in 1979, the musician had by no means renounced alcohol, cocaine and tranquilizers. But that seems to be part of the life of a real rock star somehow. Richards himself states that the only reason he is still alive today is that the quality of the drugs he takes has always been very important to him. In addition, he had paid strict attention to the dosage of the forbidden substances. Otherwise, his drug consumption would probably have led to his demise long ago.

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