Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth 2022 -Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth 2022 -Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on January 24, 2022

Kevin De Bruyne now plays for the legendary Manchester City, and in his youth his biography was associated with the clubs Genk and Gent. There the talented Belgian learned how to calculate the situation, quickly break through to the goal and strike at the right moment.

Net Worth 139 000 000 $
Born 28 June 1991,Drongen, Belgium
Occupation Soccer player

Early Ages

Kevin De Bruyne was born in Ghent on June 28, 1991, and grew up in a densely populated part of Belgium where the Dutch language was used. In a family of descendants of an oil magnate, his mother and father were polyglots, so the boy had to prove that he was a talented student.

From an early age he was used to traveling to exotic faraway countries and interacting with interesting adults from an early age. Then came a passion for soccer, and trips to the local section began, developing a desire to become famous and practice hard.

At the age of 8, Kevin became a star at the Ghent Sports School and as a child prodigy he made the pages of the Belgian media overnight. At that time the country needed young defenders and strikers, so coaches treasured all promising children.

Parents did not pressure their son, giving him the right to self-determination, and by the time he transitioned to middle school, soccer was chosen as his career. This was due to the fact that in every match of the non-professional youth league De Bruyne was in the main squad and invariably scored a goal.

Professional career

In early 2005, after leaving the coaching staff of the children’s “Gent”, Kevin moved to Genk by the decision of the family council. Once in the youth team, the boy earned his first money and immediately realized that he did not brave this experiment in vain.

By the beginning of the 2009/2010 season De Bruyne reached the height of 181 cm and gained weight of 76 kg. He made his debut in the adult championship in the position of attacking midfielder and in the match against Standard from Liege opened the scoring.

Subsequently, the player helped Genk win the Belgian national championship, scoring assists and scoring a number of beautiful goals. This result attracted scouts eminent European clubs, and a contract with English “Chelsea” made Kevin the happiest of people.

After moving to the UK and making his debut in the game against Seattle Sounders, the pupil of the Ghent school coaches put him in the reserve for a long time. The lad, wanting to practice, indicated his intention to leave on loan, and sports publications wrote a couple of phrases about it.

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Then the club’s official website reported a contract with German Werder, where De Bruyne realized and had a successful season. He scored 10 goals in 33 Bundesliga matches and returned to Roman Abramovich’s club as an established player.

During the same period Kevin started to play for the Belgian national team, taking part in friendlies and qualifying for an international tournament. Chelsea coaches did not appreciate the achievements of the player, though they could not fail to recognize the fact that he is a promising striker.

After consulting with his father and agents, De Bruyne went on loan again and returned to the German championship with Wolfsburg. He won the German Cup and Super Cup in mid-2015 and won the title of best player and a number of other personal honors.

These results influenced the ranking and increased the value of the midfielder, so a “hunt” opened for him as soon as the regular season ended. He eventually moved to Manchester City, becoming the most expensive acquisition, and this time the coaches decided to let him out on the pitch regularly.

From his first days at the new club, De Bruyne became the leader in goal assists and repeatedly won the title of most valuable field player. He broke the team record set by David Silva by scoring in the UEFA Champions League.

Kevin De Bruyne Wife

kevin de bruyne with wife
Kevin De Bruyne with wife

Kevin’s busy schedule has always had room for a personal life, and the first of his famous lovers was Caroline Lijnen. The couple broke up after a scandal involving the Belgian national team goalkeeper, and mutual accusations of a number of deceptions and cheating hit the press

The midfielder had a hard time rebuilding his reputation after that, but he did settle down with his wife in June 2017. The relationship with Michelle Lacroix worked out as well as possible, and now the lovers and their children are a friendly and happy family.

Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth

Kevin De Bruyne – a charming Belgian, one of the best-attacking defenders of the English Football League, who plays for the top club “Manchester City”, has a net worth of more than 130 million dollars

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