Miguel Angel Silvestre Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Miguel Angel Silvestre Net Worth 2022 – Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on January 19, 2022

Miguel Angel Silvestre has achieved popularity by playing charismatic characters. The dark-eyed brunette, who has starred in dozens of projects, has won the hearts of viewers by subtly capturing the distinctive traits of characters in crime dramas, horror movies, comedies, psychological thrillers and action movies. Attractive appearance made a man unspoken national sex symbol. Each new project with his participation is eagerly awaited by fans of action movies.

Net Worth 1 000 000 $
Born 6 April 1982
Castelló de la Plana, Valencian Community, Spain
Occupation Actor

Childhood and Youth


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Miguel Ángel Silvestre Rambla was born in the picturesque Spanish region of Valencia on April 6, 1982. His early biography was associated with the city of Castillon de la Plana, which was the administrative center of the province of Castillon.

The boy grew up and was brought up in a family that had nothing to do with the world of art. His father was a bank clerk, and his mother was a certified physician.
At a young age the future actor did not assume that will be a star of the cinema. At 4 years old his parents gave his son in the sports section, and he began to play tennis. The dream of winning a Grand Slam tournament prevented shoulder injury, received at the tournament in Hungary. Despite the efforts of doctors, Miguel Angel was unable to fully recover and achieve professional status.

The life of the theater

Representatives of the older generation supported the teenager, who focused on education, and advised to follow in the footsteps of his mother. The young Spaniard seriously intended to study medicine until his aunt, who was a versatile woman, brought him to the theater.

Having enjoyed the action taking place on stage, Silvestre enrolled in acting classes, where special attention was paid to pantomime, plastics, choreography and acrobatics. The boy did not turn out to be a dancer, but the acquired skills helped him get into a modeling agency and win the national contest “Mr. Castillon” in 2002.

At the same time, the Spaniard tried his hand at the theatrical stage. He participated in plays based on the plots of contemporary playwrights and writers: Verdadero Oeste, Porno and Noches de Amor Efímero. At the same time, he went to auditions for films and television series. Early in his career, directors did not see the son of a banker as a real actor, but despite this, his portfolio included episodes in Life and Color and My Favorite Neighbors.

Film successes

Miguel Angel Silvestre
Miguel Angel Silvestre photo:instagram.com/miguelangelsilvestre/

The first noteworthy achievement for the Spaniard was a minor role in Salvador Calvo’s multiseries soap opera Personal Motives. It was not a particularly successful story about scientific laboratory staff, but the theater graduate, who had worked with Lydia Bosch, Pedro Casablanca, Daniel Freire and Belen Lopez, gained practical experience and got a chance to make his full-length film debut.

The thriller Iñaki Dorronsoro “In the Shadow of a Fighter,” which was released in 2005, gave the young Spaniard the initial portion of popularity. Silvestre brilliantly coped with the task and picked up the character traits of the unlucky boxer Daniel. The character, around whose fate the plot was built, turned out to be lively and interesting. As a result, after the premiere, the actor received a national award, and the picture was a well-deserved success.

The short film “Dolly” and the psychological drama “3:19” were considered by critics to be the next notable projects. The press wrote that in the latter Miguel Angel was able to fully reincarnate in the hero, who learned of his terminal illness, and most accurately conveyed a string of contradictory experiences and feelings.

What is real fame, Silvestre learned by playing a character named Rafael in a sharp melodramatic television series “No Bust, no Heaven. The three seasons were in great demand among Spanish-speaking audiences, so no one was surprised that the performer of one of the main roles has an army of female fans. At the end of filming Miguel Angel Sam recalled with pleasure the joint work with Amaya Salamanca, Maria Castro, Xenia Tostado Iris Lescano and other partners who helped to understand the inner world of the hero and to reveal his character.

Subsequently, the filmography of the actor was rapidly replenished with projects of different genres. The media praised the work of Silvestre in the comedy Alfons Arau “Deception in the sheet,” fantastic thriller Eduardo Chapero-Jackson “Verbo” and the crime drama Mariano Barroso “Dark Impulse”.

Separate applause for the Castillo native’s role as a casino swindler in Eduardo Cortés’ action thriller “Roulette Kings” and for his participation in Pedro Almodovar’s comedy “I’m Very Excited,” where Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Blanca Suárez played the main roles.

The TV series “Narco”, “The Eighth Sense”, “Paper House”, “The Velvet Gallery”, “The Velvet Collection” and “On Death Row”, starring Paula Echevarria, Marisa Alvarez, Tuppence Middleton and Wagner Moura in addition to Miguel Angel, received positive reviews. The Spaniard received nominations for Premios Feroz, Uniónde Actores y Actrices and the Premios Ondas award for the latter of these projects.

In 2021, he finished starring in the series “Sky Rojo.” Other roles in the adventure thriller with elements of comedy were played by Asier Echeanida and Verónica Sánchez. The project, presented by the platform Netflix, was considered one of the most anticipated Spanish films.

In addition, the portfolio was enriched by a guest appearance in the fifth season of the thriller “Paper House,” created by Alex Pina. Also planned is the participation in the shooting of the multiseries Los enviados directed by Juan José Campanella and ViacomCBS.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Girlfriend

Miguel Ángel Silvestre has been arousing passions for many years. The truth is that his sex appeal has gone beyond the screen and not only conquers in the movies he stars in, but also in his day to day life. Thus, there have been several women with whom the actor has been caught in recent times.

One of his first girlfriends was Belén López. Both met during the filming of the movie La distancia and it seems that it was there when love arose. In addition, although they soon broke up, it seems that the relationship between the two was very special and the actress continues to support Miguel Ángel in all those projects he undertakes.

Another of his best known partners was the actress Blanca Suarez. The couple was together for four years, from 2011 until 2015. In addition, during their time together, Miguel Ángel gave Blanca his dog Pistacho, who now lives with the actress. Also, those years were the best for both of them, as far as their professional career is concerned. They participated in Los amantes pasajeros, one of Almodóvar’s feature films.

Albania Sagarra

Albania Sagarra photo:instagram.com/albaniasofia/

But, finally, the relationship could not go ahead. Thus, Miguel Ángel Silvestre went to film Sense8, which became his international springboard, while Blanca Suárez stayed in Spain. Between 2017 and 2018, the actor began dating Spanish actress Albania Sagarra. Both coincided in the city of Los Angeles and it seems that it was that being away from their homeland that brought them so close.

In addition, something happened that had not happened in their previous relationships; both, and especially the actress, lived their relationship with total normality. So much so that, when they left him, the actress uploaded a video to her social networks where she confirmed that they had left him. “I wanted to clarify that Miguel Ángel and I are no longer together,” the video read. “We have lived a very nice story but now we have two different trajectories (…) I do not have any kind of grudge, we are friends,” argued the young woman.

Claudia Ruiz

A year later, the actor began to be linked to Patricia Guirado, a young actress. Both were caught while enjoying a sandwich in a tavern in Madrid. However, their relationship did not last long either. One of his last girlfriends has been Claudia Ruiz, a friend of Anita Matamoros. Both were caught in the street very flirtatious, but they never confirmed their relationship. Then they broke up. And, now, it seems that MA Silvestre is still single.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Net Worth

Miguel Ángel Silvestre is one of the most attractive actors on the Spanish scene and he has a net worth of 1 000 000$.

Miguel Angel Silvestre Filmografia


  • Vida y color (2005) (Javi)
  • A golpes (2005) (Yuri)
  • La Distancia (2006) (Daniel)
  • Dolly (2007) (Nacho)
  • 3:19 (2008) (Ilan)
  • Cuando caen los ídolos (2008) (Roberto)
  • Zhao (2008) (Martín)
  • Reflections (2008) (Marco / Roberto)
  • The End (2008) (Gas station attendant)
  • La trampa de la luz (2010) (Giocondo)
  • Verbo (2011) (Líriko)
  • Lo mejor de Eva (2011) (Rocco)
  • Winning Streak (2012) (Alfredo)
  • Todo es silencio (2012) (Brinco)
  • I’m So Excited (2013) (Novio)
  • Scorpion in Love (2013) (Luis)
  • Ferdinand (2017) (voice)
  • Ibiza (2018) (Manny)
  • La boda de mi mejor amigo (2019) (George)


  • Mis adorables vecinos (2004) (Monitor)
  • Motivos personales (2005) (Nacho)
  • Sin tetas no hay paraíso (2008-2009) (El Duque)
  • Alakrana (2010) (Capitán)
  • Aída (2012)
  • Velvet (2013-2016) (Alberto Márquez Navarro)
  • Sense8 (2015-2018) (Lito Rodríguez)
  • Narcos (2017) (Franklin Jurado)
  • En el corredor de la muerte (2019) (Pablo Ibar)
  • Velvet Colección (2019) (Alberto Márquez Navarro)
  • 30 Coins (2020) (Paco)
  • Sky Rojo (2021) (Moisés Expósito)
  • La casa de papel (2021)

Miguel Angel Silvestre photos


How old is Miguel Angel Silvestre?

The Spaniard was born on April 6, 1982, he is 39 years old.

How tall is Miguel Angel Silvestre?

The talented Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre is 5 feet 10 inches (1.8 m) tall.

What is Miguel Angel Silvestre’s weight?

The talented Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre weighs 75 kg (165 lbs)

Is Miguel Angel Silvestre gay?

He is not gay in real life, he’s a protogé of out director Pedro Almodóvar, and was raised to understand that gay people may love others of the same sex, but that is something to be respected and appreciated.
He said: “I’ve never faced anybody asking me, but I don’t care, they can ask me if they want — I don’t hide anything about who I am.
“I should say that I honour the character and I feel proud of him, and I will do whatever it takes to play it.
“So, it is flattering if people think that I am gay, because I play [the role] with love and I don’t try to be shady when I’m playing it.

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