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David Arquette quickly rose to fame as an actor, playing police officer Dewey Riley in the thriller Scream. Now he is developing as a director, screenwriter, producer and fashion designer. He has been a successful filmmaker since 1990 and has more than a dozen good films to his credit. In the 2000s he was involved in wrestling and achieved a championship title.

Net Worth 30 000 000 $
Born September 8, 1971
Bentonville, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Actor, professional wrestler

Early Ages

David Arquette was born into a large family. Mother Brenda Arquette (nee Novak) came from a family of Polish Jews. Father Lewis Arquette, an actor, is known for his role in the TV series “The Waltons”.

The filmmaker has 2 brothers (Mitchell and Robert) and 2 sisters (Patricia and Roseanne). Brother Robert had a sex change, becoming known as Alexis Arquette. The guy before the sex change managed to star in the TV series “Xena the Warrior Princess”, playing the role of Caligula.

Since the actor’s father and sister worked in Los Angeles, the whole family moved there from Winchester. It was here that David went to school, learned to play the trumpet and began his journey to fame.

His first appearance in front of an audience was to participate in the school production of “Seventh Son”. Persuaded by his siblings, he agreed, hoping to be paid $100 to perform. Normally students are not paid to perform in school productions, but the actor did receive his first fee. The teacher wrote a check so as not to upset the schoolboy. When David was successful in his acting career, he went back to school and gave the teacher the money.

Acting Career

The first role in the TV series “The Outsiders” got David Arquette a miracle: in his youth, he was shy, at the audition for him not noticed. After that, several more times appeared in episodes of “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Friends”.

The role of a policeman in the movie “Scream”, which made him famous, came through an acquaintance of Lewis Arquette and the producer of the film. The father of the actor contributed to the fact that his son was taken for at least a role. It is possible that if not for this turning point in his career, the world would not have recognized the talented actor.

In 1995, Arquette starred in several films at the same time. Yes, he was a supporting actor, but it was a great opportunity to learn from the experience of established actors, such as Mickey Rourke. After “Scream” followed the film “Free Money”, “Never Been Kissed”. David has a high capacity for work.

In 1997, the actor first tried his hand as a producer of the film “Dream with the Fishes,” where he himself played a major role. Arquette’s work was critically acclaimed. David Arquette tried himself not only in acting and producing. He wrote his own music for Scream 3, released in 2000.

That same year he starred in the movie Ready to Fight, produced by the USA Wrestling Federation. After that, WCW included Arquette in its storyline. At the beginning of one of the shows, David sat in the audience, but then stepped into the ring and fought Eric Bischoff. After several bouts, the entertainer was crowned WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

His passion for wrestling didn’t put a damper on his artistic career. David even had his first time “in the skin” as a screenwriter in the 2000-2002 TV series “Son of the Beach.”

Not everything in his career went smoothly. There are a few pictures in the filmography of Arquette, which failed miserably. These include “See Spot Run,” released in 2001. Critics have assessed neither acting, nor the plot of the film. At the end of a failed year for Arquette’s colleagues judged that the popularity was gone, and the acting talent is gone.

In 2003, together with his wife, David founded the company Coquette, the name of which contains the names of the spouses. In 2006, was the writer and director of the film “The Tourist”, the main role in which his wife played. Their company quickly began releasing popular series: “Cougar Town” and “The Yellow Press” with Courtney Cox in the title role. In 2007, the movie “Traveller” was released. The pair were often filmed together.

In 2008, Arquette founded a clothing brand. He was actively supported by his wife Courtney and Jennifer Aniston, a close family friend.

In 2011, after a break of 11 years, the movie “Scream 4” was released.

As we wrote earlier, David is distinguished by his tremendous capacity for work. Just over the past two years he starred in 10 films and TV series, such as 12 Hour Shift,Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story,Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets,Ghosts of the Ozarks and many others. Of course, he does not always play the main roles, but still the audience loves the characters of Arquette.

David Arquette Wife

While filming “Scream” in 1999, David and Courtney Cox, known as Monica from the TV series “Friends,” were married. The couple evolved together, co-producing films and starring together. From the outside the family looked perfect, in Hollywood they were considered one of the strongest and happiest couples. In 2004, there was a daughter Coco.

Everything did not turn out so smoothly, and in 2010, the family broke up. It didn’t come to divorce until 2013. In early 2011, David had problems with alcohol on the background of problems in his personal life, and he went to rehab.

david arquette with wife and children

David Arquette with wife and children photo:instagram.com/davidarquette

In 2015, David Arquette married journalist Christina McLarty, who is 10 years younger than the actor. Their relationship began to develop back in 2011, before Arquette’s official divorce from Cox.

The wedding was a modest one, held in Los Angeles. Only their closest friends and family attended the celebration, including their daughter from their first marriage and their joint son.

The couple had their first son Charlie before their marriage, in 2014, and their second son, Augustus, was born in 2017.

David Arquette Net Worth

David Arquette is an American actor, screenwriter and producer. During his long career he has worked on dozens of different projects. He is best remembered by audiences for his roles in the film “Scream”. Famous online publications such as Celebrity New Worth and Wealthy Gorilla estimated the net worth of David Arquette at $30,000,000.


How old is David Arquette?

David Arquette was born September 8, 1971 he is 50 years old

How tall is David Arquette?

David Arquette, who became famous after the movie Scream, is 1.78m tall.

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