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The Weeknd is a singer, who without exaggeration can be called a “product” of the modern era. The singer became popular thanks to the Internet – the young man simply posted his own compositions on the Internet. Now The Weeknd is probably the most popular and promising performer in the styles of R&B and Pop, and the compositions “High For This“, “Shameless“, “Devil May Cry” and many others became the most popular hits.

Net Worth 102 000 000 $
Born February 16, 1990
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Singer,song writer,record producer

How rich is The Weeknd?

The Weeknd – behind this pseudonym hides Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, son of Ethiopian immigrants. Born and raised in Canada, he came into contact with all kinds of music at his grandmother’s house. His love soon turned exclusively to R&B music. YouTube videos recorded together with rapper Drake ensured that The Weeknd was introduced to a wider audience. From then on, things went steeply uphill and the musician’s road to success is paved with awards such as three Grammys, eight Billboard Music Awards, nine Juno Awards and an Oscar nomination. The singer was also in the headlines with his relationships with Selena Gomez and the eternal on-off with Bella Hadid. The Weeknd’s estimated net worth is 102 million dollars.

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Income of The Weeknd

Dropping out of school and making a living from music is a dream of many teenagers, but The Weeknd also followed through with this plan leg-high. That’s where his stage name comes from – running away one weekend and never coming back.

Like many teenagers around him, he came into contact with drugs at a very early age. What started with smoking marijuana at the age of eleven quickly led to ecstasy and cocaine addiction. To finance these, he was also partly involved in criminal activities, as he later admitted. Nevertheless, he did not lose sight of his goal of becoming known as a musician. Three years after dropping out of school, he worked for the first time with a producer named Jeremy Rose.

The songs produced by Rose, to which The Weeknd rapped, he posted online on YouTube to attract the attention of a wide audience. His three mixtapes, which were created in 2011, were even offered for free download at the time. Rapper Drake also became aware of The Weeknd and collaboration developed.

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From school dropout to Grammy winner

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

The Weeknd performed as an opening act for Drake on their joint tour and thus aroused the interest of various record labels. Rapper Drake gave The Weeknd an ideal springboard to successfully launch his career. In 2012, the singer released the compilation Triology, which included the mixtapes and a few new tracks. The compilation went grenade-like, reaching double platinum in Canada and platinum in the US.

In 2013 followed the first studio album Kiss Land, which reached number two on the album charts in the USA and Canada. The coming years were filled with a busy touring schedule alongside stars like Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande.

This was followed in 2015 by the album Beauty behind the madness, which crossed the counter 412,000 times in the first week after its release. In 2016 he released Starboy, with which he was also able to reach the top of the charts. This year also saw the Oscar nomination for the single Earned it, which was featured in the film Fifty shades of grey and sold around five million copies.

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