Bruno Mars Net Worth 2022 -Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Bruno Mars Net Worth 2022 -Bio, Salary, Biggest Awards

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

Bruno Mars is a Grammy-winning American singer, songwriter, and music producer who rose to fame by recording tracks by rappers B.o.B (Nothin’ on You) and Travis McCoy (Billionaire). Bruno Mars has an impressive net worth of 108 mln dollars.

Net Worth 108 000 000 $
Born October 8, 1985
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Occupation Singer, song writer,record producer

How rich is Bruno Mars?

Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. The singer comes from a bitterly poor background. Nevertheless, he has managed to become a multi-millionaire riding the wave of musical success. As a child, Bruno was once homeless. But he worked his way up from the bottom and now earns really big money. He simply produces one catchy tune after another and sings about love and heartbreak over and over again. Privately, however, Bruno has no heartache. Because already since the year 2012 he is in a relationship with a true beauty. His girlfriend Jessica Caban is a model in demand. Bruno Mars has an estimated fortune of 108 million dollars.

But how did Bruno Mars, who was once born in humble circumstances in Honolulu, Hawaii, make it to worldwide fame? After all, his sisters, who also sing, were never able to achieve their brother’s star status. Especially in Europe, hardly anyone knows the band “The Lylas”. The girls’ brother, on the other hand, has made it as far as the White House and several times on Saturday Night Live.

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The Forbes list of the 100 best-earning celebrities for 2017 says that Bruno Mars has well and truly earned the 60th place. In just one year, he has taken in over 38 million euros. His 24K Magic tour simply hit like a bomb. A look at Bruno’s life story clearly reveals that there is a lot of hard work behind this success.

From dishwasher to millionaire

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars simply hasn’t given up, even though it took a long time before he was able to celebrate his groundbreaking successes, thanks to which he is now world-famous. The talented boy found himself on stage at the tender age of just four. At that time, as “Little Elvis”, he followed in the footsteps of none other than the King, Elvis Presley, one of the music legends par excellence. Bruno’s uncle and father were responsible for the variety show, thanks to which today’s superstar was allowed to stand on the boards that mean the world for the first time.

Bruno Mars and his steep career

In later years, Bruno continued his musical career by writing songs for Brandy and earning his money as a backup singer for the Sugababes. Today, it’s hard to imagine the international music scene without the former man behind the scenes. He is a worldwide superstar! The singer has also written hit songs for Flo Rida, Kesha and Travie McCoy. Finally, Bruno was able to build his solo career on these successes.

What Is Bruno Mars’ Net Worth

Bruno Mars, the man named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2011, has a net worth of $108 million.

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